Rodmaker Tools

Is using a hand plane and a roughing form one of your least favorite steps of making a bamboo fly rod? Would you like to save literally hundreds of planing strokes per rod with a simple low cost alternative? My Baginski Beveler wheels are designed to do just that.

What about the amount of time you spend straightening strips and addressing the nodes at your bench? Would you like to spend less time over the heat gun and pressing strips in your vise? My node-pressing V-Blocks will make it possible to save a lot of time by allowing you to rough your strips before you address the nodes.

Baginski Beveler Wheels

My Baginski Beveler wheels are machined from 6061 aluminum bar stock. The wheels are 2.990" in diameter, .700" thick each with a .150" relief cut on the outside of each for washers. The bevel face is .500" wide. These wheels are bored to 1/2" during manufacturing but I can bore the arbor hole to your specific needs. The gap at the widest point is .500" without the washer or sandpaper.

I place a washer between the wheels to keep from binding the apex with sandpaper when mounted on the bench grinder. A paper pattern is included to use to cut your sandpaper strips.

My personal Baginski Beveler wheels are mounted on a 1/6 hp 6" Sears bench grinder which has more than enough power to bevel my strips. Baginski Beveler Wheels are available in three different profiles for roughing Hexagon (six-strip), Penta (five-strip), and Quad (four-strip) rods.

Beveler Wheels

Hex, penta or quad – $100.00 per set

Beveler Wheels & V-Block Combos

Hex or quad, 1 Set Wheels, 1 Set V-Blocks $120.00

Hex or quad, 1 Set Wheels, 2 Sets V-Blocks $135.00


Node-Straightening V-Blocks

My V-Blocks enable a rod maker to not only straighten a strip but also flatten (displace) a node after the strip is in a roughed triangular form. Machined out of HDPE, each block has embedded magnets on two sides to keep them secured in your vise in either position. 

One side of the V-Blocks has a V groove for the full 4” length of the block for general straightening the other three sides are flat for pressing. The second V-Block has the same V groove but with a machined relief in the center of the block that enables you to press (displace) a node without crushing the inner apex of your roughed strip. 

By straightening after you have roughed your strips on a Baginski Beveler the amount of heat required to make the strip pliable is greatly reduced, smaller strips heat quicker. V-Blocks are available for Hexagon (six-strip) and Quad (four-strip) rods.


Hex or quad, 1 Set $25.00, 2 Sets $45.00

To place an order, please use the contact form HERE to send me a message with your needs. Special or custom orders for rodmaker tools are always welcome.