About Mike Monsos

After retiring from a 32 year career, I made my first split-cane bamboo fly rod in 2008. I now build between 6 and 8 rods a year. Building rods from scratch provides complete control of every aspect of the finished product, from the handmade components to the casting action of the rod. As a veteran trout fisherman, I take immense pride in building fine bamboo rods that are not only beautiful to look at, but are effective fishing tools. My goal is to be the maker of your new favorite fly rod - the rod you reach for instinctively when heading for your favorite water.

About Monsos Rods

The basic Monsos rods are intended for trout fishing in the classic lengths of 7 to 8 feet for 4 and 5 weight lines. Each rod is hand-made from a 2-piece hexagonal blank in your choice of taper, length, grip size and shape, reel seat and wrap colors and comes with a single tip, flannel bag and aluminum screw-top tube for $900. Available options include an extra tip and agate stripper guides.

If you're ready to explore the idea of having a custom bamboo fly rod made for yourself or as a gift, please fill out your contact information in the form at the right and we can discuss all the possibilities and details.

Thank you for considering one of my bamboo fly rods and for visiting my website.



If you're interested in ordering a rod or rod-making tools, just send me an email with your name, contact information and request or questions by clicking HERE. I'll reply as soon as possible.

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